Czimer's Game & Seafood

This family's business dates back to 1914. Founded by a Hungarian immigrant, John Czimer, a small butcher shop blossomed into a major food industry.





         ...our game season never ends.

Czimer's Game & Seafood, Inc.
13136 West 159th Street
Homer Glen Illinois 60491

708 301 0500

888 294 6377

Monday through Friday open 9am through 6pm
Saturday open 9am through 5pm


America's Finest In Wild Game, Game Birds, and Seafood


The Czimer family has been in the retail food business since 1914.  The game meats started in the 1930s when my grandfather purchased game animals at the time they were in season from the commission houses in Chicago.  Game farms of today's standards were yet to be thought of.  Back then, if someone wanted pleasant, duck, venison or anything of a wild game variety, they would have to go get it themselves.


Our retail store has been in Homer township since 1970 when the 63rd Street butcher shop was closed, and the family concentrated on presenting game meats only.  Across the street was a dairy farm, west of us was a horse farm, and going east the first stop sign was Wolf Road.  As the years passed, suburbia invaded the farmland and woods that once made up Homer township.  The retail store remains to be the basis of the business. We have also been shipping our products across the country since the opening of the store to our customers that desire fine food.


As stated, all animals are subject to seasonal availability and prices are subject to market changes.


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Should you wish to order from us, we would be happy to fill your order.  Please just observe the following instructions.  We use Federal Express and UPS to get your items to your address.  A minimum order is $50.00 of frozen meat and/or fish.  Orders are placed in an insulated, lined box and the appropriate ice packs are added.  Cost of shipping is determined by the weight of the box's contents, the rates charged by the freight company, and a small packaging charge.


Orders are taken Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays between the hours of 9am to 5pm.  Weeks with holidays have limited shipping.  To ensure a timely delivery, we highly recommend the one-day service.  Call our toll free order number at 888 294 6377.

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